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Thanks for visiting CO2CYCLE, which we pronounce as cocycle – the 2 is just a silent but prevalent reminder of our mission to simplify carbon balance.

We launched in August 2018 with a passion for environmental sustainability and a desire to make this issue a lot less daunting for people. We believe that achieving carbon-neutral business practices is not only vital, it’s entirely possible without compromising the quality your business is known for.

We want to work with commercial productions, special events and other pioneering businesses to implement climate-friendly solutions that support what you do. By thoughtfully reducing certain materials you’re accustomed to using, switching to sustainable practices in a few key areas, and balancing your remaining carbon footprint with offset credits, your business can grow while contributing to a healthier environment and planting you squarely on the right side of consumer preferences.

Environmental awareness is solidly in the forefront of the public’s consciousness. Dozens of marketing surveys reveal that Millennials and affluent shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to spend their money with socially responsible companies. These customers will spend up to 30% more for products and services from climate-friendly brands when they’re aware of such altruism. Basically, environmental sustainability is now a good marketing strategy.

For a long time, people didn’t understand how certain day-to-day work habits could ricochet into our ecosystem. But now we know, and we understand the urgency to change course.

CO2CYCLE will focus on your sustainability issues so you can stay focused on your business. Along the way, we measure and track your achievements with visual reports that are easily shared on social media to inspire others and educate your customers.

We are eager to work with you.